Kotlin coroutines and Spring 5

This article is a next one in the series which is focused on practical application of Kotlin experimental language feature - coroutines. This example shows how to use coroutines with Spring 5 Reactive Web Framework to write linear, concurrent and non-blocking code for Spring web applications.

It is highly recommended to review intro to coroutines from this blog and Guide to kotlinx.coroutines by example from JetBrains before reading this article. Also it is expected that you are familiar with basics of Spring (including Spring Boot), although this is not required.

Spring: your next Java microframework

In this article we will talk about a new concept in the upcoming, 5th Spring Framework release called Functional Web Framework and look how it can help in building lightweight microservcies.

Coroutines in Kotlin

This article describes what a coroutine is, what problem coroutine is trying to solve, and how coroutines implemented in lates release (1.1) of JVM language called Kotlin.